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I’ve Scoured European Colleges For You!

While it’s true that learning about the different options can be exciting, not many of us have time to take on the amount of work that is involved to do it right.

What if you could fast-forward past the work and get straight to the relevant and personalized results?

What if you could know exactly which 3-5 European college programs are the best fit for your high schooler — right now?

Just think: No more time stuck at your computer. No more worrying that you’re missing a hidden gem somewhere. No more confusion about academic equivalencies and requirements.

And no wasted money visiting colleges that were never going to fit.

The Best Fit Service eliminates the work, the overwhelm, and the potential mistakes.

The Full price of this service is $447, but with this limited time discount you can purchase for just $347!

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Maybe you just learned about the options and are concerned that you will miss application deadlines. Maybe exams are coming up and you want time to explore before then. Maybe you need to schedule courses for next year, and need to know about admissions requirements to do so. If so, the line jumper pass may be for you! The regular turn around time for the Best Fit Service is about 3 weeks, but this varies depending on how many lists have been submitted at that time. Order the Line Jumper Pass and get your list within 10 business days of your form submission!

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What does Best Fit List Provide?

The Best Fit List is my totally personalized list of the best 3-5 specific schools/programs for your high schooler’s personality, preferences, interests, skills, qualifications, and budget. Because the list is personalized, the information I provide is customized to the information you provide me on the comprehensive Best Fit Matching Questionnaire (sent to you as soon as you sign up). The list often includes:
•  What’s on the List? – List is a bit of a misnomer as your order comes with  information about each of the 3-5 programs. This information may include:
•   Program tuition
•   Why I think the program is a “best fit”
•   Admissions information
•   Concentration options
•   Direct links to online program pages
•   Specific course names
•   Degree requirements
•   Internship and study abroad opportunities
•   Geographic accessibility, campus description, local feel
•   Basic housing info
•   Links to related information and blogs
•   Potential issues
•   First-year pointers only a college mom would think of 🙂

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