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  • Find Your Best Options. Our searchable database of all 3000+ English taught Bachelor’s or 6500+ Master’s Degree Programs in Europe makes it easy to find the university programs that match your individual preferences. Our database includes programs in EU/EEA countries, which does not include the UK
  • Get Firm Answers. So many questions. So many opinions. Join Beyond The States founder Jenn Viemont for direct and objective answers to your specific questions during this live Members-only Q&A Call.
  • Learn and Connect. Benefit from the actual experiences of other parents and students in our Private Member Facebook Community. Students can join our student only group and have access to our student ambassadors already studying in Europe.
  • Gain Valuable Insight. Access practical Online Workshops covering student life, housing, and other topics about studying in Europe.
  • Discover Hidden Gems. Deep dive into highlighted university program profiles with our Program of the Month. (Bachelor’s membership only).
  • Monthly Office Hours. Watch and learn when its convenient for you. Every month, Jenn posts a recording with her answers to member submitted questions. Members can also participate in quarterly live Q&A calls.
  • Save With Discounts. Enjoy substantial discounts of our Masterclasses, Self-Paced Classes, and Best Fit Services.


This bundle costs $300 for non members and$150 for members.  For you? FREE. The courses will be unlocked and waiting for you in the membership portal!

Choosing a University in Europe

This self paced course will help you determine your own individualized criteria for choosing a program and a school. We will cover quantifiable criteria around budget, admissions requirements, and field of study. We also dive into what to look for (and red flags) around school, program, location, and student life. In the third part of the course, Jenn will walk you through the process she uses when making a best fit list-so that you can create your own!

How to Choose A Major

This three part course will help you identify and categorize your interests-academic and non academic.  We then walk through how to identify and explore related study areas as well as how to identify fields that include more than one of your interest areas.

Admissions in Europe

This four part course will help you embrace an entirely new mindset about the admissions process!  We look at why selectivity is not an indicator of quality or reputation, go through the admissions requirements of different countries, look at the obstacles and headaches in the process (as well as solutions) and walk through the motivation letter and CV.

All About the Netherlands

The Netherlands offer more English-taught bachelor’s degree programs than any other country in continental Europe. The number and range of options make them a top choice for many students. This seven lesson course provides basic and specific information about the Dutch Universities. It also covers academic life, student life, housing, admissions, and financial considerations.

Understanding Business Programs

This four lesson course walks your through how to explore the different specific areas of study listed under business. We then look at the similarities and differences of business programs offer at a research university, university of applied science, and business schools.  You will learn about accreditations, admissions, and a number of specific programs/schools that have interesting or unique offerings

Save BIG with our annual and lifetime memberships.

Both come with direct email exchanges with Jenn and credit to use towards BTS services.

Lifetime memberships include both bachelor’s and master’s database access and are perfect for families starting their research early or with more than one interested student in the home.

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Save $148 from the monthly plan.

$100 credit toward any BTS service (class, consultation, Best Fit List, etc).

3 private direct email exchanges with BTS Founder Jenn Viemont (a $201 value).

Lifetime Membership

Perfect for families with more than one student. Includes bachelor’s and master’s database.


One-time purchase

or $150/mo for 10 months

Lifetime access to all member benefits + Master’s degree database.

Immediate access to Master’s and Bachelor’s database.

$200 credit toward any BTS service (class, consultation, Best Fit List, etc).

12 private direct email exchanges with BTS Founder Jenn Viemont (an $804 value).

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