Our FAQ series provides answers to the questions many families and students have when they first learn about college in Europe.

Is College in Europe Expensive?

How About Admissions in Europe?

What If I Don’t Know a Foreign Language?

Is the Degree Recognized in the US?

What About Student Life in Europe?

Will I Be Able to Get a Job After Graduating?

You now know all the basics, but of course there are different and more important questions now!

  • What type of program is best for me?
  • What country or region is best for me?
  • How do I find a program that is aligned with my interests, goals, budget, and qualification?
  • How many programs should I apply to?
  • How do I apply to the programs I find?
  • What do I do about housing?
  • Where can I meet other families who are pursuing these option?

This does not have to be overwhelming! Beyond the States offers resources and services can help with these questions and more!