College in Europe Student Masterclass: On Your Mark- Self Paced


At the end of this course, students will have:
  • An understanding of why they want to study in Europe (beyond cost) as well as how to explore any remaining concerns.
  • Knowledge of areas of study that align with their interests, preferably those the combine more than one interest area.
  • A short list of 3-5 programs that match their qualifications, budget, academic interest areas, and other preferences.
  • An understanding of the strengths they already have as well as those they need to cultivate to succeed as an international student.
  • A concrete plan for next steps.

Up until now, this was only offered as a 6 week course which included weekly video lessons and assignments, three group calls with Jenn and the other students, and three scheduled email exchanges with Jenn around area of study choice, short list of programs, and next steps. The member price for the live course is $497 and space is limited.  The stand alone option provides everything except the group calls!  Students still get the benefit of the three scheduled emails with Jenn, and can complete the course at their own pace.




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