On Your Mark

This is a 6-week class and the next session is held from September 4th – October 15th with live calls at 4PM Eastern on September 11th, September 25th, and October 9th. Though open to all ages, On Your Mark is best suited to students in their junior and senior year of high school, as well as those who have already graduated.
Here’s what you’ll take away from this course:

✅ An understanding of why you want to study in Europe (beyond the affordability factor), as well as exploring any remaining concerns

✅ Knowledge of areas of study that align with your interests, preferably those that combine more than one interest area

✅ A short list of 3-5 programs in Europe that match your specific qualifications, budget, academic interest areas, and other preferences

✅ An understanding of the strengths you already have, as well as those you need to cultivate to succeed as an international student

✅ A concrete plan for next steps


This is a 3-week class offered each fall, geared toward students who are applying for the 2023-2024 school year. Please note: since we get deep into admissions information in this course, students must have taken either the On Your Mark masterclass or have completed a Best Fit List service prior to attending. The Fall session will be held from October 10th-30th with calls at 4PM Eastern on the 16th and 23rd.

Here’s what you’ll take away from this course:

✅ Knowledge on what you’ll need to apply to your prospective schools

✅ Knowledge on how to gather those items for application

✅ Knowledge on making sure those items meet the university specifications

✅ A timeline for each of the European schools you’ll be applying to

✅ Knowledge on how to write a motivation letter

Both our On Your Mark and Get Set masterclasses include video lessons and assignments students can do at times that work around their schedules. Parents receive a weekly email that informs them what their student is learning and doing in the course each week. Other benefits of these courses are the communities they build among students pursuing these options, as well as personalized feedback from Jenn (BTS founder). These happen through group calls, a private Instagram group (which includes participation from current students in Europe), and scheduled email exchanges with Jenn. These exchanges entail feedback on area of study, specific programs, and next steps for On Your Mark students, and a motivation letter review for Get Set students.
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