Student Masterclass: Get Set


The Fall 2021 class is full. Our next class will be offered in 2022.  Contact us to be notified when registration opens

The application process in Europe is fairly straightforward-but does use terms, timelines, and processes that students (and their high school counselors) may not be familiar with.  This three week course will help students determine what they need to gather to apply, how to gather those items, how to make sure those items meet the university specifications, a timeline for each of the European schools they will apply to, and how to write a motivation letter.

Like the On Your Mark class, each week includes a video lessons and assignments that the student can do at times that best fit their schedule.  There is also a parent email at the beginning of each week so they are aware of what students are learning and doing with the course each week. The other benefits of this course is the community it builds among students pursuing these options and personalized feedback from Jenn.  These are achieved through group calls, a private instagram message group (which will include participation from current students in Europe), and individual feedback from Jenn about their motivation letter draft.

Since this course jumps right into admissions information, students must have either taken the On Your Mark class or have a completed Best Fit List before taking the class.



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