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Start Exploring the Incredible Higher Education Options in Europe with Our Comprehensive Courses!

This three part course will help you determine your own individualized criteria for choosing a program and a school in Europe. We will cover quantifiable criteria around budget, admissions requirements, and field of study. We also dive into what to look for (and red flags) around school, program, location, and student life. In the third part of the course, Jenn will walk you through the process she uses when making a best fit list-so that you can create your own!

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This three part course will help you identify and categorize your interests-academic and non academic. We then walk through how to identify and explore related study areas as well as how to identify fields that include more than one of your interest areas and find European programs that match these interests.

This course includes 30 days of database access, when purchased by a non-member.

This four part course will help you embrace an entirely new mindset about the admissions process! We look at why selectivity is not an indicator of quality or reputation in Europe, go through the admissions requirements of different countries, look at the obstacles and headaches in the process (as well as solutions) and walk through the motivation letter and CV.

The Netherlands offer more English-taught bachelor’s degree programs than any other country in continental Europe. The number and range of options make them a top choice for many students. This seven lesson course provides basic and specific information about the Dutch Universities. It also covers academic life, student life, housing, admissions, and financial considerations. 

This four lesson course walks you through how to explore the different types of business programs offered in Europe. We then look at the similarities and differences of business programs offer at a research university, university of applied science, and business schools. You will learn about accreditations, admissions, and a number of specific programs/schools that have interesting or unique offerings.

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