Find out what members say about their experiences navigating the life-changing options in Europe!

Kristen’s daughter, Ellie, has a year to go before she heads to Europe. She will start her senior year knowing where she plans to apply and have a conditional acceptance in hand by Thanksgiving!

Students may recognize Liza from TikTok, where she’s been spreading the word about college in Europe!  She’s an OG BTS member, finishing up her degree in Prague.

Laura is Liza’s mother, and also the mother of Macklin who is heading to the Netherlands to study this fall!  She explains how the process of exploration was different for each of her kids.

Like Laura, Jacquie has one daughter who is entering her final year in Prague and another daughter who will start her studies this fall in the Netherlands. The savings are especially tremendous when both kids take this route!

Tim’s daughter also has a year to go before she starts. Like Kristen’s daughter and Laura’s son, she took the BTS masterclass to take the reigns of the process of finding the right program and school for her!

It’s not lack of US choices that lead students to Europe! Max was awarded the Presidential Scholarship and was accepted to American University and George Washington University. He decided that the cost, educational experience, and international exposure in Europe was a better fit for him.

Our members use Beyond the States services to find the answers to all their questions about college in Europe. They learn:

  • What type of program is best for me?
  • What country or region is best for me?
  • How do I find a program that is aligned with my interests, goals, budget, and qualification?
  • How many programs should I apply to?
  • How do I apply to the programs I find?
  • What do I do about housing?
  • Where can I meet other families who are pursuing these option?

This does not have to be overwhelming! Beyond the States offers resources and services can help with these questions and more!