Webinar Descriptions


Month 1

Choosing a University: Quantifiable Criteria

In this webinar, we will look at how to use quantifiable criteria to start your search. We will talk about budget issues you may to have considered, determining programs of interest, admissions requirements, and more. This webinar will help you develop your long list of schools/programs that meet your academic interests, budget, and qualifications.

Month 2

Choosing a University: Subjective Criteria

We are taking your list from last month and starting to narrow it down by looking at your preferences as they pertain to location considerations. We'll look at issues like weather, ease of getting around (locally and further afield), cost of living, activities, student life, and employment.

Month 3

Choosing a University: School Specific Criteria

It's time to use school specific criteria to finalize your list. We will discuss how to assess quality (beyond global rankings), funding options, educational experiences, employability, housing assistance, international student specific considerations, and red flags to look for.

Month 4


Now that you know where you want to go, it's time to apply! We'll go through timelines, headaches, important terms and procedures to know, and how to write a motivation letter.